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Love Cannot Be Indelibled Easily

How do you know when your pet’s quality of life is no longer what it should be? How do you make that decision to let them go? If you know early enough you have some time to treat them like royalty, make them special goodies and give them lots of love. Sometimes all you have time for is a kiss goodbye.( pregnancy women )

Nicole’s heart rate crashed on the table and a team of additional doctors rushed in to help stabilize her. Needless to say, they didn’t make it to St. Louis the next day. Later that night Nicole was stable and recovering in the pediatric intensive care unit. Back in St. Louis we had spent most of the day waiting by the phone to get updates.

My sister went into labor with Nicole months before her due date and every medical attempt to stop it failed. Believing a stillborn infant was about to be delivered, the doctors had no choice but to focus on saving my sister’s life. But to the utter shock of everyone in the room, the baby girl had a heartbeat. She was completely blue and weighed only 1 pound 11 ounces. Over the next few months Nicole stopped breathing and slid to the edge of death more times than I can even remember. But somehow, after four months in the neonatal intensive care unit with a group of amazing doctors and nurses helping her fight for every breath, our miracle baby came home.

Walk up to him with the confidence and charm that first attracted him. That will make him wonder as to why he lost interest in you when here you are still as charming and confident a person as you were when he first got taken in by you.

Click below to listen to another radio interview with Rihanna from today for Q100 Atlanta! It’s quite annoying that media keep on brining up the CB subject… but she’s a Brave Girl and she sounds so happy anyway! Go Girl!

For every no we have to give to a preschooler, we should be giving hundreds of yes’s in praise. The praise has to outweigh the no’s that we sometimes must give to keep them safe. I hear the mothers of two year olds complain (as we all did when we had two year olds!) about how many times they have to say no to their child during the day. And so I say to them, make sure you accompany every firm no, with something that the child can do.

This is what happened with my dog, Athena. She had cancer and we watched her lose weight over the past year until her ribs showed. I made her extra treats and fed her twice as much as the other two dogs to keep her going. I did lots of reading and watched her for signs. It didn’t happen fast, but her time finally came.

I was able to come back and see my sister’s family not long later to make up for lost time on that first trip. In person, Nicole told me the whole story about seeing her aunt on TV in the hospital. Some people might think it was just a crazy coincidence. But we think God was looking for a way to bring a pleasant surprise to Nicole on a difficult, painful day.