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Sometimes we forget that the most important goal we have for our children is that they be truly happy. We get caught up in wanting them to learn to ride a bike, learn to read, learn to do long division, learn to treat people nicely, learn about their faith, learn to do a zillion, million things that require some form of measurement on our part.

Strangely, the Tsunami has also washed away a large part of our separateness. It has taught us to reach out and lend a hand. Relief has poured in. Everyone worldwide is united in grief, wondering about life and its meaning. Many families are considering loosening the hermetic seals that insulate them from other people; they are considering adopting some of the hundred’s of little children that have been orphaned. Can we question our own mindset that postulates that blood is thicker than water? Are we strong enough to forsake the safety of the shore and plunge into the tsunami’s residue of debris and suffering to rescue and rehabilitate broken lives?

I tell everyone to fight it out on the spot, as that is the best place to survive, but many abductions are cons to get you in the car. Do not go with the person or get in the car by any means, fight it out. If you are abducted do not go along, escape whatever way you can. ESCAPE because eventually they are going to kill you as in Sharon Marshall’s case. It comes to a point where whether they have you captive or not, you want out. They know this. The older a person you are the more you realize the danger. They realize you can talk and tell people what has happened, meaning a long jail term.

Nonetheless, this Brave Girl dumbfounded us all as she tackled life with a determination well beyond her years. Nicole played sports, made honor roll and overcame everything thrown at her. Weeks at a time stuck in a hospital bed never seemed to take that smile from her face. I grew up as the youngest of three children, so Nicole was the little sister I had always wanted. We’ve been best buds pretty much since the first day I held her. I was just a kid, so the fact that her entire body didn’t even take up the length of my forearm was staggering.

Have you been the cause of his losing interest in you? Be brave and pick up your cudgels to make your apologies. When he sees this, he will realize that you are a wonderful person and will forgive you at once thus renewing his interest in you.

For the next 19 years this beautiful girl faced more agonizing and nearly fatal challenges than most people will ever know in a lifetime. Her lungs and airway were severely underdeveloped along with a host of other issues that accompany arriving in the world long before your body is ready. I’m convinced that my sister could have passed as a RN during that time after all she had to learn in order to care for Nicole. Everything the nurses did at the hospital, and I mean everything, my sister did. Even in the most emergent situations when paramedics were still miles away she stepped in without fail and kept her alive, as did my brother-in-law.

No matter what he may have done to wrong you do not accost him. Men do not like to be pulled up for doing something that they should not have done. You could bring up the subject in a gentle manner when both of you are cool about your relationship.