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Eating Disorder Post: The Devil And The Angel On My Daughter’s Anorexic Shoulder

This may sound kind of hokey but the title gives a vivid image of what your daughter experiences when she tries to eat. There are a lot of cartoons, movies and television commercials that depict this epic struggle, but they don’t even come close to describing the raging conflict going on in your child’s mind about food.

With a television set up in the pediatric ICU, Nicole had been watching the Disney Channel with my brother and sister-in-law at her bedside. As it turns out, That’s So Raven was on that night. Nicole saw it first and startled her parents when she jumped and pointed at the TV. There I was on the screen! I hadn’t even seen the episode yet myself. And here, in the midst of a painful time in intensive care after a routine procedure gone wrong, there was my face on the screen with my niece watching.

This truth can be grasped at the temporal level too. Don’t we all share the same aspirations? All of us want good health, financial and physical security, happiness and loving relationships. Is there anybody who looks at life differently? And yet we compete with each other with with fangs bared and daggers in our hearts. The paradox is that sustainable success can never be achieved on a win-lose, zero-sum basis. It can only be experienced with a generous live and let live, abundance mentality, a win-win mindset. If we live out of a win-lose paradigm we are setting the stage for our own future failure, much like the man who sat on a branch and plied the saw!

Probably not, but even then, our teaching has begun, as we attempt to show kindness, compassion and love for our crying, sometimes demanding child. We smile and extensive research has shown that a mother’s smile is the most powerful learning force given to their children. We sing gentle songs of love and hope and our babies hear that melody and feel safe and loved and happy.

Kristin was a Brave Girl for what she went through and just before she was killed, she told Bernardo that “some things are worth dying for. I don’t know how your wife can stand you”.

A perverse kind of globalization has equalized all of us. No matter where we live, how we look and what we earn, nature’s destructive globalization has shattered all of us in the twinkling of an eye. Aren’t we refugees all, every one of us? What ideology could not do, natures has accomplished; it has revealed starkly that we are all, in the end, truly equal; despite the encrustations of so-called civilization, we are an egalitarian race. None of us can revel in our accomplishments or wealth or position. All it takes is a micro second for it all to vanish.

While Angelina does not always hit her fashion mark she always makes her mark in the world. It would be impossible not to admire a woman who has it all and gives it her all. She is truly amazing and just lovely.